A to Z of Kill Them Twice

A is for Attitude

I expect he thinks he looks menacing. To someone else he might.

Armed or otherwise, her combat skills mean she fears no one.

B is for Back-story

I’ve kicked down doors from Baghdad to Bogota.

A life spent proceeding with extreme prejudice. Her talents nurtured from a young age.

C is for Conflict

There will be two, maybe four of them. They wouldn’t dare face him alone.

Events conspire and he’s left fighting on two fronts. His reputation precedes him.

D is for Destiny

The future is purchased by the past.

They will both now be held accountable for their actions. Those twelve hours, fourteen years ago, will change their lives forever.

E is for Ethos

Fall seven times, stand up eight.

Evenly matched when it comes to survival skills. This won’t be a first round knockout.

F is for Fighting

The note was clipped to his balls when we found him in the alley.’

This girl doesn’t bitch-slap, scratch or pull hair. She fights like a man. Better than most.

G is for Gang

The predator and prey in a food chain of misery.

Human nature exploits the vulnerable. Some make a business out of it.

H is for Hatred

He’ll make it slow and drawn out, a marathon of pain.

Revenge, served cold, should also be savoured. Exquisite and ruthless.

I is for Intrigue

Those who know don’t tell. Those who tell don’t know.

When no one is quite what they seem who can be trusted? Misinformation, bending of the truth, unlikely alliances.

J is for Jeopardy

He needed her alive for the trade.

Sometimes the instinct to kill must be suppressed in pursuit of a higher goal.

K is for Killing

Who shall I kill today?

When she sees the system fail to punish cruelty against the defenceless, she steps up. Vigilante justice, maybe, but it works for her.

L is for Liaisons

The only way three people can keep a secret is if two of them are dead.

Neither is sure who they can trust. Betrayal begets betrayal.

M is for Motivation

Left broken and bleeding on a cold concrete floor, gasping for breath, wishing for death.

She will pay for this. And for what she did that fateful day in the valley of Drenica. Pay with her life.

N is for Narrators

Every road has two directions.

Two killers. Two voices. Two stories. One head-on collision.

O is for Obsession

Only the thought of revenge had kept him alive.

Fourteen years is a long time. Time for hate to fester. Time to plan.

P is for Pace

Trouble rides a fast horse.

He will kill and kill again, not stopping until kith and kin are deleted. Then it’s her turn.

Q is for Quarry

Hog-tied, ready for slaughter.

Torture is an old friend, death a sweet release.

R is for Red Herring

Still no mention of a mutilated body found in the river. Time enough.

One life sacrificed to save another. Faceless. Unidentifiable.

S is for Soldiers

Join the army. Travel the world. Meet interesting people. Kill them.

Both have fought for freedom. Freedom means different things to different people.

T is for Treachery

His source was close to her. Knew exactly how she worked.

A small circle of trust. Who has broken ranks? And why?

U is for Unleashed

This is war and there will be casualties.

Once their dance of death begins no one is safe. Both will pay a high price.

V is for Vengeance

He would crush that pampered throat in his hands, release and crush again. A long and terrible death. Giving hope and taking it away.

It’s not just for him. His brothers, friends and comrades in arms. He acts in their names and renews the vow each day.

W is for Weapons

The ideal assassin’s weapon although I’m not sure that was the manufacturer’s intention.

A gun trumps a knife every time. But knives slit throats.

X is for Xpectation

It’ll be alright in the end. If it’s not alright it’s not the end.

Both seek the same outcome but a different victor. Just a question of how much collateral damage each can withstand.

Y is for Y Now?

Solitary confinement. Torture and beatings.

When freedom finally comes it’s time to get even. The waiting is over.

Z is for The End

Tomorrow isn’t promised

She lives each day as her last. He makes each day pay for the past.